17 June 2015

The Making of a Mascot

By |17th June 2015|

Dave Slaney, Freestyle’s Art Director, recounts his experience of helping to create Louey, the mascot for the CPISRA World Games.

I love my job. Seriously.

Creating something from nothing is a challenge I relish. After you’ve ‘cracked’ an idea or a […]

1 May 2015

Our Favourite Ad Moments of TV

By |1st May 2015|

TV ads. Some we love, some we hate, some aren’t even worth having an opinion on! Here, Freestyle’s creative minds share their TV advertising highlights and their thoughts on what made these great ads. Grab a cup of tea, […]

15 April 2015

Our NHS New Leaf ‘Next Stop’ Campaign

By |15th April 2015|

Finding the right balance between ‘preaching’ and ‘advising’ is never easy, that’s why this brief from the Nottm City NHS New Leaf team was such a great creative challenge.

We all know that it’s bad for your health to smoke, […]

27 February 2015

How should SMEs be managing their marketing expenditure?

By |27th February 2015|

Freestyle Managing Director Alan Boyden, discusses how SMEs should tackle the issue of marketing spends & why it’s vital to keep up

One of the major challenges growing businesses face, especially self-made entrepreneurs and family businesses, is how much of […]

Is the ‘special treatment’ of women stifling their success?

By |11th February 2015|

PR and Communications Executive Chrissie Rowell, discusses the impact of segregating women in business.

Like many women who are becoming increasingly frustrated by anything to do with feminism, I just want to get on with my life and be a […]

23 October 2014

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

By |23rd October 2014|

Dave Slaney, Art Director for Freestyle, relives his glory days along with a disastrous appearance on 80s quiz show ‘Busman’s Holiday’.

In Chrissie’s blog ‘Bring Back the Draper Days’, she talks about the ‘Golden Days’ of advertising. Well, luckily I […]

12 September 2014

Freestyle Hosts International Agency Conference

By |12th September 2014|

Chrissie Rowell reflects on a successful global conference held at Freestyle, for nine international partner agencies.

This week we played host to an international network of advertising agencies comprising nine countries throughout Europe and the USA. They met here at […]

22 July 2014

Bring Back the Draper Days

By |22nd July 2014|

Freestyle Account Executive Chrissie Rowell, laments the death of the Mad Men era and discusses why agency life is so different now.

Ever since Mad Men hit our screens, there’s been talk of the ‘Golden Days’ and I genuinely hate […]

2 May 2014

A New Attitude to Working Parents

By |2nd May 2014|

Chrissie Rowell, PR & Communications Executive for Freestyle, shares her candid views on attitudes towards working parents

I want to start by asking why the term ‘working mum’ needs to exist anymore. Has the term ‘working dad’ ever existed? If […]

15 April 2014

2014: The Year of Prankvertisements

By |15th April 2014|

Jodie Deakin, Apprentice Office Administrator of Freestyle, discusses one of this year’s popular advertising trends.
Virality. It’s the phrase coined to describe the growth of small online video to online sensation. In virus like fashion, this kind of content stays […]